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We are a team of ambitious women. We are designers, bloggers, mothers, students, merchandisers. We work together to help each other succeed as a fashion company looking to give the mothers, young professionals, fashion lovers, and the all around multi-tasking ambitious woman a product she can trust.

Madda, founder of Madda&Co. and Ambitious Elegance was born and raised in Italy where she learned to appreciate craftsmanship. The love for the Italian artisan tradition becomes evident in her focused dedication to make quality products available to regular people.

For Madda, her company is a personal journey. When it comes to handbags, she really thinks about how a design will be used and how it can really serve well the modern women. Completely opposed to the mass-production approach, she only brings about products that are an investment and not simply another filler in women’s already crowded closet.

About Madda

I was born and raised in a small town in southern Italy, Sala Consilina, and I lived in Milan and Florence before moving to the US. My home now is just few miles outside Philadelphia, with my wonderful husband, beautiful 6-year-old son, and 2 great dogs, Tommy and Zoe.

I am very creative and ambitious, that is how I approach life. To me, being ambitious means to work hard in order to live the life you dream and be the person you are meant to be. People who know me will tell that I have always been a small-town girl with huge dreams.
y dreams are personal and professional. You could say I want it all; but I just think, I want what I know I can achieve. That is why I have always felt that I have the power and the responsibility to make my dreams happen.

I feel very lucky and grateful to have a wonderful family, but at the same time, I have always wanted more…and for more, I don’t mean things, but more from myself. Like many women, I just wanted to do me without feeling guilty. Being a mother is a call and hard work but there is much more in me to give.
It took me some time to realize that wanting more is not a transgression. It is not about lacking something but about unleashing your full being. As a mother, my greatest wish is for my son to grow into the man he wants and is capable to be. I can’t help him by preaching, but I can certainly show him the way by setting an example that can inspire his personal journey.

After taking a hard look at my life, I realized that I will never be in good terms with myself unless I took the courage to pursue my own ambitions. So, over 2 years ago, I embarked myself into this journey of solely passion and enterprise: Madda&Co was born .
This company is a very ambitious project and I am very passionate about it. I hope you will appreciate my effort to bring you beautiful Italian handbags to a truly affordable prices…because I believe every woman deserves an Italian handbag! But more importantly, I hope Madda&Co. handbags will make you feel beautiful and empower you to go make your dreams happen. Because as Edith Head said, “You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it!”


Fulvio Ruffert

La musica dub di Fulvio Ruffert

Fulvio Ruffert is a very talented young artist from Milan.
His big passion for the real Techno and Dub Music, particularly the deeper and dark side of it take him to create something special with a simple groove to keep the sounds true and dubby.
Owner of the digital label called North Dub and co.owner of Unknown, he’s actually more fucused on his productions rather to deejaying.
He released his own tracks on well known labels such as Deep Tech Records, Act Natural, Serkal, Innocent Music to name a few.”

The New York City Life: The Tourist Attractions

The New York City Life: The Tourist Attractions

By: Michelle Wong

New York City is the mecca of things to see and do. New York City is visited by millions of people from around the world; it is great place to visit where every day is a new adventure. It truly is the city that never sleeps.

One of the great things to do while in New York is visit our many Museums whether it is the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum or the Metropolitan Museum of Art, you would not be disappointed. Starting in the Downtown area of Manhattan, where there is rich history. You have great museums such as The Whitney Museum of Art located on Gansevoort Street, which features contemporary 20th century Art housed in a modern elegant building not far from parks and hotels. There is a terrace on the roof where you can get amazing views of the city. On the terrace is a dining area where you can stop by and eat while walking around in the museum.

Another area that is a must to visit while in town is the National September 11 Memorial and Museum located on Greenwhich Street, which is at World Trade Center site. This museum teaches people about remembering those that perished on September 11 and gives a glimpse of hope as each day people from around the world stop by to pay respects to those that lost their lives. Next to the museum is the new Building that took place of the iconic Twin towers. It is close by restaurants, pubs, hotels and shopping areas. If you stop by and see this museum, walk 3 blocks over and you will find the famous Shopping outlet Century 21.

Another museum that is very interesting to visit and has great architecture design on both the interior and exterior is The Skyscraper Museum located on Battery Place. Situated near Battery Park, this museum presents photo gallery of most iconic buildings around Manhattan. It has exhibits that showcase the photos, pieces of infrastructure and the history behind it. The interior mostly glass with state of the art technology, such the glass incased elevator. It is only a few blocks away from Battery Park, where you can take a stroll and see the great views of the buildings, the waterfront and the water ferries that pass through Manhattan to Brooklyn or New Jersey. It is also near very upscale restaurants.

If you want to get the feel of nineteenth century life then you must visit the Merchant’s House located on East 4th Street. It has 3 floors full of artifacts from the 1800’s, which was first opened in 1832. You can walk around the house and even sit outside the beautifully landscaped garden. Open to the public during tour hours but can also be reserved for private gatherings. It is beautiful area to site see, close by hotels, parks and very chic bistros and small restaurants. It has a very eclectic feel of old buildings alongside newer buildings. If you ever decide to come to New York in October during the fall, they have candle lit tours in the evenings in honor of Halloween. The candle lit tours are walking tours that extend a mile long. Tours are given and stops to every historical buildings and areas.

If you are traveling with children this is a great place to visit, The Children’s Museum of the Arts located on Charlton Street. They have a media lab and arts and crafts workshop for both parents and children can enjoy. It is a museum where children can be hands and really enjoy their experience. They have art galleries and station for children to paint. There is a place to dine outside and an outdoor park for the whole family. It is close to many other dining areas and stores.


When the weather starts to cool down in Thailand, it’s the best time of the year for the festival. Good news that Thailand has more and more of the outdoors music festival.

Being in the music festival is all about being a free spirit, enjoy the moment here and now. We could dress up to express the feeling so freely that it felt so right. Making friend with like-minded people has never been this easy. Festival also expands your spiritual and aesthetic level. It’s something hard to explain; if I told someone, they would find it hard to believe. Let’s just call it, once-in-live-time experience that you have to experience yourself.

I often recalled a moment I went to Coachella with my girl squad this year and last years. I can say that it’s one of the best experiences in my life. So I want to share you my best memory with all of you.